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Czech marriages, divorces dropped sharply due to anti-coronavirus measures

11 September 2020

The number of marriages and divorces dropped significantly in the Czech Republic this spring, data released on Friday by the Czech Statistical Office show, as the coronavirus epidemic and related restrictions disrupted people’s life plans.

The Czech Republic was in a declared state of emergency from 12 March to 17 May. At the time of the imposed restrictions, only small weddings could take place and guests were required to wear veils. Restaurants that would normally host receptions were also closed for several weeks, and the functioning of offices or courts was limited.

As a result, March saw the fewest marriages for that month in more than 100 years. From April to June, there were about half as many weddings in annual terms. According to an estimate by of Trinity Bank chief economist Lukáš Kovanda, a member of the National Economic Council of the Government (NERV), the “wedding industry” has lost some 1.23 billion crowns in revenue due to the coronavirus.

Published on Radio Prague International.
Lukáš Kovanda

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