#Lukáš Kovanda, Ph. D.

Sunday Lunch Has Never Been Costlier for Dumpling-Loving Czechs

12 June 2019

The gut-busting Bohemian delight of pork, dumplings and stewed cabbage, which takes the blame for the quaffing of many a ...

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10 April 2019

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Lukáš Kovanda on Slovakian First Woman President for Bloomberg

31 March 2019

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A war in which we will all be losers

28 March 2019

The winners and losers of the current variant of globalisation are pitted against one another, just like in the past.... more

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Lukáš Kovanda

Lukáš Kovanda, Ph.D., is a Czech economist and author focusing on economic literature, and is Chief Economist at CZECH FUND. His work there includes analyzing and commenting on macroeconomic issues, investments, and emerging phenomena such as sharing economy, cryptocurrencies and fintechs. He is a Department of Economics lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague and is a member of the Scientific Board of the Czech Banking Association.

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