#Lukáš Kovanda, Ph. D.


Unemployment at 3.9 Percent

8 October 2017

Unemployment in September dropped to below four percent, in line with analysts’ predictions, the ČTK news agency reported. September’s unemployment... more

Home Price Growth in Czech Republic Fastest in EU

19 July 2017

The price of flats and houses in the Czech Republic grew by 12.8 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of... more

Czech Long-term Jobless Rate Falls by More than Half in 3 Years

17 July 2017

The number of long-term unemployed in the Czech Republic in June was less than half the figure for the same... more

Blooming ‘bureaucratic terror’

24 October 2016

The number of public sector employees in the Czech Republic continues to grow. It’s up by 23,000 since 2012, to... more

Ten Questions for Jan Švejnar

13 August 2011

Jan Švejnar is a leading economist, specializing in developing countries and employment transformation, and the founder of the Center for... more

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