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What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are a technology which allows your internet browser to notice when lukaskovanda.cz website have added a new article.

How can I subscribe to RSS feeds?

You can add RSS feeds to your internet browser (i.e. Google), to the program which you use to read your emails (i.e. Microsoft Outlook), or you can download an application on your mobile phone.

Can I unsubscribe from RSS feeds?

Yes. Receiving RSS feeds can be unsubscribed anytime. Please, follow similar steps as when setting it up.

How I can receive news and opinions of Lukáš Kovanda without setting up RSS feeds?

Follow Lukáš Kovanda on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Can I get new articles of Lukáš Kovanda directly into an email?

Yes. Thanks to the RSS feed, you can receive news from lukaskovanda.cz directly into the email. This service is enabled by applications Zapier or Feed2Mail.

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